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Great Marketing Touches the Soul

A few decades ago, your business was only as successful as its brick-and-mortar location. A Piccadilly Circus address would earn you the kind of profits that a Northumberland corner store never could. The world has transformed into a digital landscape, and these days, you’re only as successful as your rank. Think of your first page Google results as the Piccadilly Circus address of the modern age. If you can capture that perfect high-traffic location, you can take over the world. Brandwell is in the business of getting you that address.

Reaching Beyond Search Engine Optimisation and Web Design in Dorchester

Some digital marketing brands think of their field as a technical contest that you can win by harnessing the powers of Google’s veritable zoo of algorithms. At Brandwell, we think great marketing should touch the soul. We harness the power of branding and storytelling to appeal to a human audience. Long before we create a marketing strategy, we find out who your tribe is—What solutions do they need? Where do they spend their time? What makes them feel alive? When we can answer those questions, we can create a brand identity that sings.

Of course, no campaign is complete unless it achieves Google rank, so SEO is a core part of our strategies. Do we use high-impact keywords and reputable links? Of course. Do we have a development team who can sculpt an SEO-friendly site? Yes. Do we create content marketing campaigns that attract traffic? Absolutely, but our marketing foundation is intensely human-centric. There’s a reason we focus on people over bots—because…

Google Algorithms are Built to Mimic Human Interest

Google Hummingbird, Panda, and Mobile have inspired a revolutionary list of black hat marketing tactics, but algorithms are actually designed to detect the kind of content humans will love. Google awards rank for factors like:

  • High click-through rates—and that means human reactions.
  • Insightful content—Yes, we’re talking about human interest again.
  • High-reputation links—yet another factor that retains human traffic.
  • Spam-free, relevant keywords, which would chase away your traffic no matter your rank.
  • Useful content, which is not the kind of thing a Google bot can benefit from, no matter how intelligently it’s designed.

Google has 200 known ranking factors, and our campaigns target every single one of them. Still, if you place digital tools at the top of your hierarchy of needs, no amount of traffic can give you the click-through-rates your profits rely on. Search engines are advanced enough to reward content that appeals to flesh-and-blood people. That works in your favour because search engines love great content just as much as people do.

Meet the Team

When we do web design in Dorchester, we create a four-dimensional campaign that has its roots in great branding. To address your marketing strategy from all angles, we’ve built a team who are specialists in their fields. All our web design in Dorchester is guided by a solid team of problem solvers with years of experience.

Web Design Dorchester

Brandwell offers some of the most exciting web design in Dorchester. We think marketing should be a joyful, collaborative process, but it must also generate leads. Our online marketing toolbox is crammed with effective strategies to achieve precisely that.

People love campaigns that are built with love, so we’ve hired a team who are passionate about their roles. That’s why we represent some of the finest brands in Europe. Our commercially-driven work focuses on nurturing your clients’ relationships with your brand. There is, after all, nothing more memorable than loyalty.


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