SEO Audits

Our team of marketers and developers will dig for data until they have a thorough understanding of your current online presence

You can’t get to your destination without a map, and the same applies to your search engine optimisation. Before you can move forward with a tight strategy, you need to know which elements of your existing campaign are working and which are merely using up pixels. An SEO audit assesses important marketing components so that we can rush into a brighter future with a better map. We look at several important components:

  • Competitor research: Your rivals might know a few things you’ve missed about your target market. Competitor research will identify which tools are currently attracting the most digital feet.
  • Indexing: The core of your search engine optimisation strategy relies on how Google indexes and reads it. Once we find out how well your sitemap is working for you, we’ll remove blockages and put functional protocols in their place.
  • Access: Loading times, errors, and sluggish server response have a direct effect on your bounce rates. From here, we can fix 404 errors and improve access.
  • Links: We’ll analyse your inbound and outbound links so that we can move forward with an optimized link campaign that ranks.
  • Content audit: Have you ever wondered what kind of content attracts the attention of bots and humans best? This is your chance to answer those questions. We’ll find out if your existing content captivates or bores your audience. We’ll unveil duplicate content problems and find out which media serve your SEO needs best. This part of your audit will also check your metadata and keywords.
  • On-Page SEO: Header tags, titles, ALT tags, and URLs all have a powerful impact on on-page engagement, so let’s find out how we can improve them.
  • Site architecture and aesthetics: A sculpted site is a ranking site, so we’ll audit the security, responsiveness, page rank sculpture, and nofollow tags on every page. We’ll also look at the aesthetics of your web design so that we can make your brand pop.
  • Digital branding: Our brand whisperers will audit your online branding, particularly if you’ve recently begun targeting a new demographic or product.

Our team of marketers and developers will dig for data until they have a thorough understanding of your current online presence. Does it engage? Does it rank? Does it adapt? Let’s find out so that we can start implementing a supercharged SEO strategy to take you into the next leg of your journey, map in hand and ready to explore your new potential.

Who Needs SEO Audits?

If you’re building a house on new land, you’ll probably start with the design and foundation, but there might be gold in the land you’re building on. SEO audits mine the site for precious “metals” and check whether the soil conditions will ruin your foundation years into the future. In more literal terms, an audit “mines” for your most powerful existing SEO tools before making sure the foundation of your campaign isn’t preventing you from gaining rank.

Working With Us

Digital marketing will never be a one-size-fits-all discipline. We develop our SEO strategy around every brand we serve, always with an eye to your unique dreams and challenges. Our SEO audits acknowledge that data is one of your most valuable assets. Few clients arrive in our office with a clean online history. You’ve probably worked hard to create a presence, so let’s carefully sculpt an SEO strategy around your existing digital assets. Information is one of your greatest marketing strengths, and an audit will locate every megabyte of it. From here, the only way is up.

Your success is out there waiting for you to capture it.