Branding & Logo Design

Logos should be more than mere studies of shape and line. Think of your brand as your commercial soul and your logo, its avatar

When dial-up modems first sang in the era of digital globalisation, businesses could succeed solely by the merit of their products and local reputations. Maybe you put an ad or two together. Maybe you spammed some keywords, but primarily, search rank and a brick and mortar ad campaign were enough. Those days have evaporated.

The internet is now home to 1.95 billion websites, so if you want to stand out, you’re going to need a brand that truly pops. The most revolutionary thing your business has to offer the world is its uniqueness, and it’s your branding and logo design that tells that story. Today’s buyers want to engage with companies that feel authentic, so let’s flesh out your brand to that exact end. Only then will your logo have power.

What Can Branding and Logo Design Do for You?

In the simplest terms, branding is defining what you want the world to recognise your business for. Remember the days when tie-dye-donning photographers used to take pictures of your aura at markets? Your logo has much in common with those pictures—it reflects the character of your brand in a visual medium. You can’t scry for a commercial aura with mere woo, though. You must build it one piece of truth at a time. Who are you? What do you value? What makes your buyers tick? These are tough questions to answer, but if you take the time to do so, the profits will naturally follow.

Logos should be more than mere studies of shape and line. Think of your brand as your commercial soul and your logo, its avatar. You could scribble a cute image and superglue it to your reputation, but that wouldn’t give your audience any idea of who you are. You’d be forgettable, and in a world of two-billion websites, that’s a trait that no business can afford to have.

When we sit down with our clients to discuss their logo, we start with the big questions: Who are they? What do they care about? Why this business? Why this product? These answers might not seem enough to decipher palettes or aesthetics, but they achieve exactly that.

The Value of a Great Logo

People communicate through symbols, whether that means the letters we type with, the shapes that direct our driving, or the images that tells us how to wash our favourite suits. Symbols say a million things all at once, and so does your logo—if it’s designed with your brand in mind. Of course, symbols build your reputation as well. A slick, stylish logo is more than mere semiotics. It’s the promise you make to your customers, and we’re to find out what that is. We’ll create a concentrate of your business’ personality, then use it to paint your soul.

Branding and Logo Design as a First Step

When we brand your business, we build the lens we’ll be viewing your entire campaign through, so this is one of the most important steps you’ll ever take. We fully expect it to amplify your profits and client retention rates. That’s the magic of a well-branded business—it sells… but it does come at a premium. To brand and design a competent logo, you must be willing to take a deep dive into a business’ values and history, so your branding company needs to care. We care. In fact, our passion for your brand is our very reason for existing as a business.

When we design your logo, we do it through the most powerful lens available to us. That lens is you, and we think you matter. Don’t you?