Zetechtics, a pioneering UK-based company in subsea control systems, embarked on a digital transformation journey. Recognising the need to enhance their online presence to match their technological prowess, Zetechtics sought a comprehensive revamp of their website and search engine optimisation to better reach a global market and reflect their industry-leading position.

What we did

Website Development



Our project involved a thorough redesign of Zetechtics’ website, infusing it with a contemporary, user-centric design that mirrored their technological sophistication. Simultaneously, we implemented a strategic SEO campaign, focusing on industry-relevant keywords to boost their digital visibility.


Our approach blended aesthetic enhancement with technical SEO prowess. The website redesign emphasised ease of navigation and effective presentation of Zetechtics’ products and services. The SEO strategy involved comprehensive keyword research and content optimisation to improve search rankings. Ongoing analytics monitoring ensures adaptability to evolving trends and audience behaviours.


The revamped website and SEO strategy significantly increased web traffic and user engagement for Zetechtics. Their enhanced online presence now mirrors their status as subsea technology leaders, with improved search rankings yielding greater visibility and reach.

This digital overhaul has elevated Zetechtics’ brand and contributed to increased inquiries and business opportunities in the specialised field of subsea control systems.