Verif-i is an independent, world leading auditing, test and training consultancy providing value in the seismic geophysics, geotechnical and hydrographic verticals. A proud contributor to the wider Seis-Gear Group, Verif-i experts pioneered the fully independent technical audit market and continues to provide technical audits that go well beyond the minimum required for campaign specifications. In addition to audits Verif-i offers mission support and personnel for HSE QC, Navigation QC, Lead QC, Company Man, and data quality assurance assistance for campaign integrity.

What we did

Website Development


To modernise and simplify site layout with a more user-friendly navigation and page layout for improved customer experience and access.

To improve on page SEO performance and establish sound SEO foundations readying the site for upcoming promotions and increased traffic in line with growth.

Create and implement an ongoing communication strategy aimed at increasing brand recognition and relevant traffic increases.

Construct responsive website based on WordPress CMS.


We commenced with a plan, detailing the strategy, the aims, and clear milestones of the design and development project. After outlining new site architecture and user journey, we looked at font combinations and colour schemes around an existing brand identity. Various stages were identified in the websites work flow for updates, thoughts and clarity of progress, a timetable that suited Verif-i, and the site was seamlessly built in line with the plan, with both copywriting and verification happening regularly through the meetings and ongoing digital communication.


A modern and cleaner version of the website, with editable elements for Verif-I to change, update and add as the service offering increases and grows. Increased performance through mobile platforms, and supported by increased traffic from a strategic social media and PR campaign.

Verif-i are now busier than they have ever been, and the quality, not just quantity, of enquiries coming through the site that has shown great improvement. Verif-i’s various landing pages are now ranking highly across the search engines for the terms they want to rank for, the very search terms their customers are using to find solutions.

A cleaner more modern responsive website, supporting higher levels of engagement through social media and high ranking SEO work has exceeded the initial expectations of Verif-i.