ToolTec, established in 2013 by founder and director Nick Rettie, is an award-winning global supplier in the Offshore Energies and Marine Construction sectors. ToolTec provides in-house design, development and manufacture of standard and customised remote intervention tooling and other subsea engineered products.

ToolTec prides itself on the quality of product and high standard of workmanship which it delivers, be it straightforward service and maintenance work or detailed design, manufacture and testing of bespoke engineered equipment, true world leaders in their field.

What we did

Website Development


To simplify and improve overall site architecture and navigation, enabling effortless browsing and improved experience.

Implement a fully responsive solution based on WordPress CMS for ease of updating and ongoing growth and development of the site.

Create a more user-friendly and visual experience with enhanced search functionality.


A collaborative approach of ToolTec engineering and Brandwell design, working with a blank canvas to create a digital extension to the ToolTec workspace. With ToolTec physical workspace the primary brand stimulus, we arranged a subtle, neat and organised site, robust and simple in function.

Planning the architecture in ToolTec’s office, brainstorming and involving the whole ToolTec team, ensured the client could really understand the process and begin co-developing content as the page structures took shape, while in parallel Brandwell’s web designers immersed themselves in the activities and culture of ToolTec.


A modern content management system (CMS) based website for ToolTec’s ease of adding and updating information. The site is neat, secure and optimised for today’s searching and viewing trends.

The website pays attention to the nature of the products and branding with repeated white space, which plays into the subtle branding and use of bright coloured materials associated with the Subsea environment. The site has a simple layout where bright and detailed photography and images guide visitors quickly to their location, with points of contact and calls to action guiding users to engage with ToolTec’s growing team of specialists.