Power Saving Solutions

Off Grid Power specialists and world leaders in battery power, Power Saving Solutions design, manufacture and supply Battery Power Units for industrial and commercial customers who are interested in significantly reducing carbon emissions, decreasing fuel costs and cutting noise pollution. The Hussh Pod battery unit is developed and supported by a highly skilled team of CSCS and 18th edition accredited engineers who apply the latest technologies and techniques to create hybrid power solutions with advanced functionality to meet the needs of every sector and niche.

What we did

Website Development
Photography & Videography
Print Design
3D Renders


Initially Brandwell and Power Saving Solutions connected to explore the promotion of Power Saving Solutions existing brand and website, as an enhancement to a steadily growing brand and product line.
However, as the market position evolved as quickly as the products, it was clear the product branding needed a fresh look, one that encompassed the companies’ vision, the value of the product and the market position established. The relationship, and the collaboration, continues to grow and evolve, it includes;

New product branding, product wraps and supporting data sheets.

New company branding, exterior building signage and vehicle livery.

New Website design, development along with Photography, Videography, and 3D Modelling.

Revise all Catalogue of Documents and Print material including 3rd Party specification sheets and support documents.

Ongoing Search Engine Campaign and Social Media Campaigns.


The evolution of the whole brand and communication strategy meant we could really start with the essence of the products, more specifically, WHY the product was created by Power Saving Solutions and HOW, and WHO, it helped. By understanding this we got an idea of the value both the product and the company bring its customers, as well as the longer-term aspirations. From there we looked at colour pallets, font combinations and icon details that would suite. Sketched layouts were presented alongside site plans, maps and customer experience points.
Starting with the product brand and its deliverable identity, we then presented where supporting graphic work, website and marketing campaigns would grow from there, to focus that recognition into the main product line and supporting services.

By regularly meeting with Power Saving Solutions management team at various planned stages of the design work, we were able to get feedback, content support and stage of progress in line with planned launch dates, customer commitments and deliverables.


Designed to enhance the full range of products and maintain on point branding across all customer touch points, the supporting website couples technology, aesthetics and functionality with clear navigation and a tantalising combination of calls to action and supporting information.

The site supports, manages and nurtures all users of the site and increases conversions. In little under 6 months of the old site has been replaced by a site that sits on page one of Googles search engine for no fewer than twenty key and strategic search terms in both technical and geographical context.