Phoenix MMA

Since its first gym opened in 2010, Phoenix MMA has made its mark as one of the top Mixed Martial Arts Academies in the United Kingdom, training fighters from around the world helping them compete in some of the largest organisations in Europe.

Phoenix MMA prized coaches not only help professionals progress, they also dedicate time to guide adults and children to gain confidence by learning new skills, increase fitness levels and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing from various dedicated gyms located on the South English Coast.

What we did

Website Development
Icon Design


With branding and colour schemes already in place, Phoenix MMA were keen to have a website that wasn’t just striking but also portrayed the pedigree and culture within the gyms and the associated classes and sessions, so imagery became key in our deliverable;

A CMS based responsive website.

Easy and Clear definition of client culture and target audience.

Photography, Videography and Graphic layouts.

To improve on page SEO performance and establish sound SEO foundations for customer experience and site validity.


Following a few visits to the gyms, and some interviews and workouts with the trainers and Managers in the gyms, we commenced on doing some digital research and analysis before presenting sketch and wireframe suggestions to the client alongside some ideas regarding film and photography direction.

Using the visual as the lead across the whole of the site, fonts and colours were kept in line with a less is more approach keeping the site simple to navigate, easy and quick to get to pertinent areas for each visitor and very much always on tone and immersive.


We have built a site that reflects Phoenix MMAs uncompromising professionalism and culture, the site allows users to engage with different centres, booking classes and learning more about the techniques and training. With the user in mind, the site can be interacted with on any device clearly and quickly and by focussing on the overall web experience for the users Phoenix MMA now have a great website to showcase themselves.