Fortitude BJJ

Fortitude, a dedicated Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu clothing company owned and operated by highly decorated Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu NAGA World Champion Jimmy Johnstone and his entrepreneurial family. Hard work, dedication and commitment are the core principles required to reach Gold Medal standard, but moreover it’s the principles the Johnstone’s live by daily, and as such they place the same emphasis on the clothing, expertise and customer care they provide.

What we did

Website Development


Fortitude came to Brandwell as a brand-new company, with a logo in hand and a range of high-grade training and competitive outfits along with some training provision accessories to sell to a growing marketplace for competitive BJJ trainers and fighters and lifestyle fitness enthusiasts. The aim was to use an online store, along with P.O.S for a few dedicated gym and training centre locations, we were asked to provide;

A CMS based responsive eCommerce website.

User-friendly navigation and content layout that enhanced customer experience and trust.

To improve on page SEO performance and establish sound SEO foundations for customer experience and site validity.


Discovery interviews were focussed primarily on understanding Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the audience, the value Fortitudes Specialist Clothing, Uniforms and Apparel brought to competitors and participants around the world.

Particular attention was paid to Who would be using the site and Why, simple. Offsite targeted marketing and sponsorships would be key drivers of traffic to the site, and we needed to support that with a clear and concise digital stream of traffic, all the users know why they are on the site, so it needed to be clear, easy, secure and very quick.


From day one of the formal website launch it has served its audience clearly and effectively. Fortitude is a continually growing brand in the Martial Arts space and those particularly focussed on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have found both the products and the associated website to be top quality and have particularly commented on the simplicity, clarity and speed of the website and the ordering process.