Common Sense Safety Solutions

“Because we always lead with a Common-Sense approach!” That’s what founder, and Chartered Member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, Nigel White told us in our first conversation. With over 20 years leadership experience in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management across a host of sectors, Nigel and his team have built a solid reputation for delivering high quality, reliable and competent advice. It’s remarkable when speaking to Nigel and his colleagues just how much they really do put Humans First in every service they proudly, and expertly deliver.

What we did

Website Development


To modernise and simplify site layout with a more user-friendly navigation and page layout for improved customer experience and access.

To improve on page SEO performance and establish sound SEO foundations readying the site for upcoming promotions and increased traffic in line with growth, including new Mental Health focused workshops.

Create and implement an ongoing communication strategy aimed at increasing brand recognition and relevant traffic increases.

Deliver a detailed plan and implementation strategy to increase organic rankings in key regions and industry sectors.

Construct a responsive website based on WordPress CMS.


Taking a step back, and really understanding the experience Nigel and his team had, the value they provided, the human first and Common-Sense approach meant we could approach the project with audience first. The existing logo gave us plenty of scope to play with colours, images and tone. Understanding who we were speaking to and what we wanted to clearly say was established, and how we wanted to say it would be defined through strong images, bold colour combinations and clean fonts in well planned white space.

We developed a site skeleton, overviewing where pages would sit together, easy to find and explore, but not clogging up the site with too much choice and information. Then a regular communication schedule was established for verifying and planning content and descriptions.


The new Common Sense Safety Solutions website is a much clearer and simplified user experience. The fresh content portrays their purpose and value up front for customers ease and for better lead generation.

With a defined client login area and the simplified layout of courses and dates, the site informs and guides, where the calls to actions around the pages gathers customer data and prompts conversions.

The SEO campaign has seen the modernised website move steadily up the rankings and the site is highly visible in various targeted sectors and geographical regions.