Ark Buffalo

Ark Buffalo specialises in unique, off-grid camping and bespoke event experiences in the UK. Set in beautiful natural surroundings, they offer tranquil retreats for outdoor lovers and an idyllic venue for various events.

Emphasising eco-friendly practices, Ark Buffalo provides an immersive natural experience, ideal for relaxation and special occasions.

What we did

Website Development




Our main objective was to strengthen Ark Buffalo’s online presence, aligning it with their commitment to providing exceptional natural experiences.


The approach was multi-faceted, focusing on enhancing user experience through website redesign, engaging potential customers through effective social media marketing, and increasing online visibility through SEO.


The redesigned website saw an increase in traffic and user engagement. The social media campaign effectively amplified brand visibility, leading to increased customer interaction and interest in Ark Buffalo’s offerings.

The SEO efforts resulted in improved search engine rankings, attracting a larger audience seeking unique outdoor experiences.