The Top 5 PPC Platforms To Add To Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Whether you are a new business looking to reach and interact with your first customers, or an established company interested in reaching more, PPC advertising is most likely going to be a core element of your digital marketing strategy in 2022. However, with so many different PPC ad platforms on offer, it might be tricky to determine which is best for you. To make this choice easier for you, we have narrowed down the offering to our top 5 PPC platforms that you should consider adding to your digital marketing strategy in 2022 to help build your brands awareness, website traffic, and generate conversions.


1. Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) has become a staple part of digital marketing for both B2B and B2C companies over the years due to the vast array of ad types available, its user friendly interface, and forever evolving application. Google Ads allows you to advertise across various online spaces including YouTube, Gmail, Google Shopping and the Google Display Network. With the ability to target users with text, image, shopping and video adverts across a wide range of online placements, it’s no surprise that Google Ads has fast become one of the most popular PPC platforms available.

+ Easy to use interface
+ Large selection of PPC advert types (Search, Display, Video, App, Shopping)
+ Maximum control across all areas of advertising
+ Applicable for all industries

– Steep learning curve to use at a professional standard
– Data can appear overwhelming if you are new to it


2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allows companies to show highly visual PPC adverts to a wide range of users based on their interests, behaviours, or actions. By linking your website to the Facebook Ads platform via the Facebook pixel, you can begin to easily track a wide variety of events that the user completes when on your website. This data can then be used to retarget users with adverts, alongside finding additional users who have the same behaviours as the ones you have seen success from. Another great feature of Facebook Ads is that it allows you to choose where you want your adverts to be shown from a large range of places including Instagram, Stories and Reels. Overall, Facebook Ads its a great way to generate site traffic from both new and existing customers.

+ Low average CPC if set up correctly
+ Ability to reach a very large audience
+ Showcase your services/products with highly visual ads

– The user interface is not overly friendly
– Complex platform to setup & optimise


3. LinkedIn Ads

Much like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads focuses on showing visually engaging adverts to highly relevant users. However, unlike Facebook Ads, LinkedIn takes a more business-orientated approach to PPC advertising due to the business focused purpose of the social media platform. This advertising platform is, therefore, a great way to advertise to users while they are in a business focused mindset, making LinkedIn Ads more beneficial to B2B advertisers than B2C. The platform offers the ability to target users in a highly granular and detailed way, meaning you can target users based on the industries they work in, their job titles/roles, interests and many more areas. Time to focus your PPC advertising efforts towards companies and individuals who would really benefit from your services.

+ Great for B2B PPC advertising
+ Highly detailed levels of audience targeting
+ Various ad types to test

– Not suitable for B2C PPC advertising
– Slightly higher average CPC than other platforms


4. TikTok Ads

TikTok has fast become one of the most popular social media platforms around, with over 8.9 Million active users per month in the UK. Gone are the days of TikTok being a social hub for youngsters to show off their dance moves, with the platform now focused on driving content to its most active demographics (18 – 35 year olds). Advertising within this space is perfect for B2C businesses who want to showcase a product or service, using upbeat innovative 15 second videos to engage with the audience. As with other social media PPC advertising, audience targeting can be a variety of demographic, interest and remarketing, allowing for exceptional reach to a large youthful market.

+ Advertise on an up and coming platform
+ Use highly engaging videos which are unique to the platform

– Not overly used by the older generation yet
– Minimum PPC advertising spend is higher than other platforms


5. Spotify

Spotify advertising is unique to all other platforms on our list as it focuses on audio rather than solely relying on imagery to showcase your products and services. With other 406 Million users worldwide, Spotify can help amplify your brand to a whole new audience to grow awareness of what you offer. The platforms allows you to target users by their demographic, location, interests and activity, meaning you have a large level of control to define your perfect audience. Don’t feel as if you have the equipment to make an audio advert? Fear not, as Spotify offers a range of free services such as voiceover actors and script guidance to help get your audio advert created.

+ Large user base to target
+ Unique advertising approach
+ Amazing tool to grow brand awareness

– Minimum campaign ad spend is slightly steeper than other platforms
– Not ideal for overly visual product advertising

So there you have it, 5 of our top PPC advertising platforms to bring into your digital marketing strategy in 2022. Each offer something completely unique, which when executed correctly, can drive large volumes of high quality traffic directly to your website to increase your overall conversions.

Are you already advertising on any of these? If so, which ones are you seeing success on? Maybe you are interested in advertising on an ad platform from our list but not sure where to start? If so, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Article by

Ali Puglianini

Pay Per Click Advertising