Search Engine Optimisation

Only 9% of web pages ever receive an organic click. An unoptimised site is an invisible site, but with 600 rank factors to play with, you’d be forgiven for feeling intimidated by search engine optimisation. Fortunately, Google’s algorithms have evolved to mimic human reading tastes spectacularly well, and that’s excellent news for ethical brands. It means that all you need to attract digital attention is to deserve it. It’s time to stop fidgeting with those black hat tools you’ve been exploiting for years and to prepare for a new era of marketing triumph: One where engagement leads, and traffic follows.

Brandwell’s sites float to the top because we always begin with engagement. SEO is not about tricking Google with a long list of dishonestly-won backlinks and keyword spam. It’s about creating content that has enough depth, intelligence, and relevance to captivate your audience. It’s time to become something worth talking about because when you generate chatter, traffic finds you every. Single. Time.

Our search engine optimisation services gain visibility through a few core tools including:

  • Pay per click advertising: Every click has a lifetime value worth fighting for. PPC generates a click through rate of almost 12%, and we’ll push you all the way onto the front page.
  • Content marketing: Where there’s engagement, Google follows closely behind, so content marketing will gather digital footprints through video, infographics, articles, and images.
  • Social media marketing: SMM has become one of the web’s core marketing channels for its massive footprint. Half of all browsers rely on it to find products, and with 321 million new people having climbed onto the social media train in the past year, your brand visibility is just a campaign away.
  • eCommerce SEO: It takes a keen developer to handle an e-commerce site in a Google-friendly way. We’ll optimise your storefront in a way that appeals as much to your digital audience as it does your human one.
  • Link building: 75% of SEO happens off-page, and this is where link-building joins the game. You could call this the digital PR of your campaign, actively gathering traffic from blogs, lenses, tags, and fans.

The Organic Strategy

You’ll see the word “organic” littered throughout the SEO landscape, and there’s a reason for that. An organic search engine optimisation campaign is the Michelin Star meal to McDonald’s’ boring burgers. It gives your audience a gourmet dish worth travelling for instead of one that’s basic enough to replicate itself thousands of times. This way, the “diners” you draw to your table will know the quality of your product the moment they put a spoon in their mouths. Organic SEO uses quality and relevance to drive rank through real, human interest. Google always, always follows. We’ll weed through your current search engine optimisation strategy and conduct a full audit before developing a bespoke campaign that’s as imaginative as it is technically adept.

Honesty and human values probably don’t come to mind when you think of marketing, but when you handle Google’s many search factors the white hat way, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your site won’t dive below the surface after the search engine rolls out another market-bending algorithm. Whether you’re a small business looking for a basic SEO service or a brand titan that needs a comprehensive, all-inclusive toolkit, we’ll put the gourmet deliciousness back into that tired campaign. This is the year you hit the top of your search results. This is the year you become visible.