Adverts that appear above the search results earn significantly more clicks, so your bidding needs to be expertly handled

Guaranteed rank is the magic bullet of the digital marketing ecosystem, and if it’s on offer, why wouldn’t you buy it? This is what pay-per-click advertising offers, and it’s bundled up in several other interesting benefits: As the name suggests, you only give away your precious funds when a user moves to the next stage of your buying funnel. You gain the rank you bid for, so you always have tight control of your ranking factors. Think of it as the diamond bullet of the digital biome. Pay-per-click has fuelled much of Google’s success, but pay-per-action has quietly crept into the landscape for added diversity. There are, nonetheless, as many ways to fail at PPC advertising as there are to succeed.

Scheduling and automatic bidding can give you a hands-free PPC campaign, but first, you’ll need a search engine optimised advert. Brandwell Agency will sculpt a flawless strategy that amplifies your clicks exponentially.

Pay-Per-Click in an SEO World

Traditional search engine optimisation targets buyers who are still lagging at the awareness stage of the buying journey, with no buyer intent to speak of. It’s an excellent long-term tool that takes its time in gathering an audience. PPC is the sprinter of the race. It enters the digital world fully-functional and ready to deliver profits to users who are ready to part with their precious funds. We handle several core PPC services:

  • Paid Google search services: Sponsored results that your audience will see when they run a search.
  • Shopping: Paid text adverts that reveal your brand or product image and price.
  • Display ads: The graphic adverts you place on third party sites.
  • YouTube in-stream and in-display ads: Adverts shown on YouTube videos and within YouTube’s search results
  • Microsoft advertising: A PPC channel that appears on Microsoft networks

All PPC channels are a core component of your overall campaign, boosting the performance of your other channels while nurturing interest in potential buyers. The model shares ad risk between you and your ad space provider while delivering measurable results. With analytics at your side, you can tweak your adverts as you do to boost results.

Competitive Research

You can’t place yourself on the market until you can position your brand next to those of your rivals. Competitive research will achieve this, but it will also tell you more about your demographic than you might think. We’ll dig up the keywords that are driving the most traffic, then choose those that target commercial intent. In essence, we find the secrets to your future success before we ever choose a single keyword.

The Art of Pay-Per-Click Optimisation

PPC takes care of the last few points of contact your buyers have with your business: increasing sales, creating leads, and improving brand awareness. Keyword research and geo-targeted advertising aren’t enough. We find the right leads and represent your brand identity faithfully. To generate leads that convert, we’ll go where your audience gathers and create landing pages for each ad group you run. Our keyword choices will achieve the same effect while narrowing your target. This way, we can reach multiple components of your target market, and that’s how your results will start bursting at their own seams. Once we’ve achieved our goal numbers, we’ll comb through our results to find out how we can do better the next time.

PPC campaigns must go beyond mere click-through rates, amplifying lead conversion one click at a time. That’s where Brandwell differs from other marketing service providers: We don’t just deliver numbers. We deliver buying numbers, and isn’t that the point?