Hosting Management

Brandwell Agency’s highest hosting goal is to be invisible because great solutions won’t require you to battle over glitches and unanswered support tickets

Exemplary customer service is only possible with an exemplary hosting company. In an online universe, it’s they who determine whether you open your doors to trade, advertise, and resist brute force attacks. Much like a dinner host, a spectacular hosting company makes your experience magical, yet seemingly effortless. They’ll work tirelessly in the background to make sure you never have to think of them.

A bad internet service provider (ISP) is always at the top of your mind — They’re there when you’re losing thousands to downtime and there when your site is hacked for buyer data. They’ll lose your backups, struggle over their failure to set up system restore points, and send your page load times into an alternate, sluggish dimension. Brandwell Agency’s highest hosting goal is to be invisible because great solutions won’t require you to battle over glitches and unanswered support tickets.

The Brandwell Difference

At Brandwell, we think you deserve more than just web hosting, so our service package includes:

Technical Hosting Management

You wouldn’t leave your car unserviced for years on end, and your site needs just as much attention. We’ll check for glitches, keep it up to date, and monitor it to make sure your business is running as it should. This premium service includes regular testing, backup, and monitoring.

Content delivery networks (CDN) Hosting Management

Your CDN is a network of file storage systems. By distributing that storage all over the world, we make sure it’s always within the reach of your potential buyers, no matter where they access your site from. Your page load times rely on the efficiency of this system, so CDNs have hit the textbooks as a best practice. They’re often charged for separately, but we think website speed is a necessity, not an option, so our hosting services treat it as such.

Updates and Optimisation

Just as you need to keep replacing the fresh produce in your fridge, you need to refresh your WordPress install and plugins if they’re going to run smoothly. We’ll take care of that for you so that you can put your focus where it belongs: on serving your customers. As WordPress specialists, we offer a level of expertise that few can match. We make sure you meet all of its requirements, including secure HTTPS support.

Backups and Restore Points

Like hosting management, you usually only think of backups when they’ve let you down. We’ll make sure you evade a crisis by keeping your site’s backups in multiple locations. We’ll set up restore points so that, if you ever go black, we can get you up and running in no time.


Our professional hosting management plan offers 20 GB of webspace, and if you need a more pocket-friendly approach, our standard service plan will give you 10 GB.

Monitoring and Protection

The web is a more innovative version of the wild west, with hackers and malware around every corner. We keep your site protected from all forms of brute force attacks and hacks, from basic spam to the most complicated malware. The internet is a 24/7 environment, and you need protection around the clock. Our team is there when you wake up and long after you go to sleep.

eCommerce (Professional Service Plan)

eCommerce sites need a little extra care, so our Professional hosting solution will keep your e-tail plugins sparkling, stay up to date with your updates, and perform routine maintenance.

A great website succeeds because it offers a seamless, bug and malware-free experience, and it’s your host who determines that. Brandwell will be at your side while you ride the internet boom all the way to your highest profits.