eCommerce Web Development

Brandwell has the heart of a marketing firm packaged in the glitz of a design company, so our eCommerce stores are driven by the capacity to open up new profit streams for you

Imagine if you could expand your business onto global shores with just a little ambition, a little more code, and some logistics. An eCommerce store can achieve exactly that.

The world is home to two billion online shoppers, who account for over 15% of all retail sales. You, too, can harness that all profit potential. With Brandwell at your side, the transition to digital retail is easy. Our e-tail websites offer bespoke designs that are optimised for search engines and have a UX intelligent enough to nullify those dreaded abandoned shopping baskets. We’ll make sure interested buyers remain interested all the way until the final swipe of a credit card.

Building an Optimised Online WordPress Store

We call ourselves Brandwell because we filter everything we do through your brand. Your company’s identity is your most valuable asset, so we design e-tail platforms that are tailored to fit your business personae as beautifully as a bespoke suit.

Our e-tail designs are as impressive as the rest of our portfolio, but with your company culture in the mix, you can take that power to an entirely new level. Of course, if nobody finds your site, even the prettiest of web designs are worthless. Your marketing strategy is the guiding light of your online store design, not just in terms of branding, but search engine optimisation as well. To win that coveted spot on the front page of Google search results, we include:

  • Targeted, long-tail keywords
  • Engaging, relevant metadata
  • Images optimised by ALT tags
  • Google-friendly URLs
  • A flawless SEO toolkit on your home page
  • Fully optimised product pages and descriptions

Brandwell will handle all of those tools so that your e-store will reach its widest potential audience.

The Power of WordPress

We love WordPress’ e-tail system for its diverse set of connections to payment gateways. It supports PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Checkout, PayFast, manual payments, and more. Without the right gateway, you’ll haemorrhage buyers, but your framework also needs to be well-defined.

WordPress offers a huge range of Plugins, and it makes it easy to add an e-store to an existing website. It also offers plenty of aesthetic freedom, so our e-stores are always stylish, branded, and professional. We throw every design principle in the mix, from a clean user experience and easy navigation to a polished interface so that your store is a joy to browse. Add secure payments and efficient shopping carts, and you have just the right elements to fill out your new revenue channel.

Advertising Your Store

Our digital stores are supported by pay-per-click advertising and social marketing, which will contribute to your search engine rank as a happy side effect. Our SEO marketing campaigns take you to the front of your search results through a well-sculpted website with a powerhouse search campaign. We’ll develop your social media marketing channels around your e-tail as well. Eighty-seven percent of online shoppers see social media as critical to their buying decision, so we’ll deliver all the right networks for your industry.

Our eCommerce service packages everything you need into a single service so that you can save your worries for deciding what to eat for dinner. We’ll handle the rest. Are you ready to push through to an entirely new level of success? We’re ready to carry you there.