eCommerce Search Engine Optimisation

At Brandwell Agency, we know how to win Google’s heart. Our e-tail campaigns will bring you a branded shopping experience that appeals to search engines as well as it does to human shoppers

Your eCommerce site is a grand opportunity to stretch your SEO campaign past your current boundaries. What better purpose for all those sprawling pages than to throw in a few extra ranking factors? If your products climb their way to that golden spot in Google search results, your road to digital profits will roll itself out ahead of you.

Thirty-nine per cent of eCommerce traffic comes from searches, and that’s before we add paid search to the picture. At Brandwell Agency, we know how to win Google’s heart. Our e-tail campaigns will bring you a branded shopping experience that appeals to search engines as well as it does to human shoppers. We filter our campaigns through user intent, since it’s buyers who abandon baskets at the checkout counter. User experience has also crept into the SEO space, making your shop structure a key ranking factor. A sculpted site is a popular site, and we know how to collect the clicks.

Content is Still King

Many online stores stop trying to achieve depth in their content the second they start building an eCommerce store, but Google’s broad core algorithm ranks product pages by three key qualities: expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness. If the search engine is to place your products on the front page ahead of your rivals, even your product descriptions need to be convincing. E-tail sites that grab the number one spot receive a click-through-rate of 36%. If you rank at number two, that rate declines to 12.5%–a climactic loss. Second place is no longer enough, but fortunately, number one spots are what we do best.

What is eCommerce SEO?

We use a few effective tools to optimise your eCommerce store:

  • Carefully researched longtail keywords: specific search phrases for every product page as well as your home page
  • Head keywords that drive impressive search volumes to home and product pages.
  • Pinpoint keywords that lead from your blog to your eCommerce site.
  • Competitor research to find out which keywords rivals are using, and which are achieving better page authority scores than you.
  • Metadata and optimised URLs
  • Alt tags for your product images
  • Link building with high authority scores for both in and outbound campaigns.
  • Crawlable site architecture with flawless navigation to keep bounce rates at a minimum.

The Power of WordPress

We use WordPress for its unique eCommerce features. It keeps payments flowing freely at checkout and supports a huge range of different payment providers, including digital wallets. WordPress does content best, so it’s the perfect platform for building your rank, particularly if you need a strong website to connect to your store. WordPress focuses on providing a stellar user experience, so it’s the Rockstar of organic SEO. It offers all the ranking tools you could wish for, from permalinks to metadata and responsive design.

Essentially, if you’re using eCommerce SEO and content marketing, this is your best e-tail based content management option. Forty per cent of potential buyers abandon their carts if a page takes more than three seconds to load, and search engines have little tolerance for bounce rates. Dial up your cart abandonment too far, and you’ll soon lose that first spot you worked so hard to capture. We make sure your pages appear in a jiff, identifying any leaks and keeping navigation slick.

With Brandwell at your side, your eCommerce SEO success story is only a call away. Are you ready to make a grand success of the eCommerce revolution? Then all you need to do is reach out.