Case Study – Phoenix MMA

If anyone dreams of finding a martial arts gym that offers multiple combat sports, countless classes and high level coaches then Phoenix MMA is a dream come true. They partnered with Brandwell Agency well over a year ago to develop their online presence and clarify their offerings to better support their growing number of gyms on the south coast of England.


Phoenix MMA came to us with a number of challenges

1. They were ready to improve their brand messaging and be more specific about their services and values

2. Their new site had to be saleable with flexibility to grow with the company and its new locations

3. Facilitate a method for viewing class timetables and for regular updates

4. Express the intensity from the gym members that compounded the team spirit


Content Strategy

We knew that a clear and relatable message and story would take the site towards its goal so we worked closely with Phoenix MMA to evolve their content and put forward a plan of attack.

As we already have Photographers and Videographers waiting in the wings for projects based on client needs, our brief provided a solid overview that could be linked to the appropriate professional. Working closely with them we developed a content strategy with a focus on lighting, shadow and atmosphere to create what you see throughout their website.

Enlisting the help of art students at Bournemouth University the bodies and faces of the models were painted in tribal designs to express the feeling of oneness and warrior spirit.


Design and development

Between carving a visual presence that evoked emotions of the gym member’s team alliance, we developed a website that would work to help locals find each of the gyms and display all the relevant information, such as coach information, timetables and membership fees.

We opted for a simple design with stark contrasting blacks, whites and reds.


Delivered on time

The result is a site experience equipped to capture leads, provide information and express the team mentality at the gym. It illustrates the broad range of classes, supported by clear and easy to understand copy.


Ongoing care and Search Engine Optimisation

We’ve helped Phoenix MMA reach its potential by advancing it to the top of many of the most searched for terms in the areas of their gyms.

But before we could even attest it to the skills of our SEO experts, it all begins with a well thought out site structure. Take a look at the image below that shows the large green dot – the homepage- with branches feeding off to the other pages of the site.

The section on the right represents blog posts which are in place to not only provide added value to members of the gym but also to help leverage search terms we know people are searching on Google.

At Brandwell we love to analyse, below are the impressions that Phoenix MMA’s new website have garnered over the period since we began handling their SEO. It shows the number of times their website has shown up in searches each day and as you can see the number continues to grow and remains on a course for natural growth that can only be achieved through time and patience.

Their website continues to break personal bests with last month breaking their record for number of visitors.

If you’re looking to improve your online presence or already have a shopfront you’re proud of, perhaps we can help you reach a wider audience. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Sarah Johnstone

Phoenix MMA

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